Stone massage

With its slow, prolonged movements with almond oil and lava stones, this massage has an extremely relaxing effect both on the muscles and on the spirit.

 70 minutes 80 euros

Couple’s massage

A moment of calm to share with your loved ones with a massage in a private booth. 

50 minutes 120 euros

Chocolate massage

Relaxing body massage ritual, it hydrates and nourishes the skin

50 minutes 80 euros

Total body massage

It re-activates peripheral blood circulation, it relaxes the muscles of the whole body. There is a wide selection of natural essential oils for you to choose from.

50 minutes 60 euros

Lymphatic Drainage massage

This massage acts on the lymphatic system (for swellings and oedemas) and it oxygenates the tissues with a beneficial effect on cellulite. It helps improve immune defenses and it has an analgesic and relaxing effect which induces sleep. 

50 minutes 65 euros

Back and neck massage

It dissolves tension in the back and neck, it is decontracting and relaxing.

30 minutes 45 euros

Face & head massage

This is a combination of various techniques which promote the oxygenation, hydration and toning up of the face. This is a pleasant friction of the head which rebalances the body, mind and spirit. 

30 minutes 35 euros


Ancient body technique of Japanese origin that uses the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It is based on pressure, stretching and streching exercised along the path of the energy meridians with the aim of improving the circulation of vital energy

60 minutes – € 70

Wheat and hay massage

Ritual performed with 100% cotton bundles containing wheat or hay grains and lavender flowers.It induces a pleasant feeling of well-being, helps to counteract tension, pain, stress and insomnia

50 minutes – € 80
25 minutes – € 40

Foot reflexology

Ancient technique of traditional Chinese medicine which, through the stimulation of reflex points in the foot, induces a physiological, energetic and mental rebalancing

30 minutes – € 45