Our special bathing treatments

Hay bathing

Hay bathing consists of being wrapped up in fermenting hay and fresh herbs. During this treatment temperatures can reach 40 to 70 degrees Celsius in order to stimulate a physiological transpiration which persists even after the treatment. The heat and humidity help release essential oils from the herbs which are then absorbed by the body.

Hay bathing has been know for centuries and it originates when farmers used to cut the grass and then sleep on the hay after a long day’s work. They would then feel completely refreshed as the hay managed to help them get rid of the fatigue and exhaustion caused by their physical work.

The actual wrapping phase lasts for 15-20 min. The guest is then wrapped in sheets and moved to a lounger next door to the wet area.


Hay bathing gives a physical sense of wellbeing due to the relaxation caused by the heat and the electrolyte exchange caused by the transpiration. The skin acquires tonicity thanks to the stimulation of the peripheral circulation and the absorption of the essential oils contained in the fresh herbs. Indicated for those suffering from rheumatism, sleep disorders, muscle contractures, etc.
Single 45 euros
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Salt bathing

 Salt is a fundamental element for obtaining a draining and anti-cellulite action … Think of the beneficial properties of sea water on the skin: it smoothes the skin, relieves acne and dermatitis and is a help for those suffering from psoriasis. For the principle of osmosis, the salt draws towards itself, that is towards the outside, the liquids retained in the skin tissues which will then be eliminated through the venous and lymphatic circulation. The time required for the salt to perform its draining function is 15-20 minutes of complete relaxation.

Beer Bathing

The benefits of bathing in beer are well known all throughout Northern and Eastern Europe: bathing in ale or stout has detoxifying and purifying effects and the barley and malt contained in them stimulate cell metabolism in order to give your skin a younger appearance.

Flower bathing

Rose petal bath: aphrodisiac, harmonizing, counteracts sadness and depression.

Orange blossom bath: soothing, energizing and sensual.

Lavender flower bath: purifying, balancing, refueling, calming, counteracts irritability, stress and sleep disorders.


Chocolate bathing

Bathing in Cocoa has draining, re-mineralising and nourishing effects. The numerous active ingredients contained in chocolate make it extremely nourishing for our skin. Its benefits include helping to drain excess liquid and counteracting depressive states.


Milk bathing

Still today Cleopatra, the last Egyptian queen, is the symbol of grace and natural beauty. What was her secret? A daily milk bath…. Even the Austrian Empress Sissi, who often attended Merano for healing treatments, used to bathe in fresh milk from mountain pastures in Alto Adige as an essential part of her body treaments. Nowadays we use milk bathing to detoxify and moisturize our skin as well as to restore its lipid balance in case of dermatitis. 


Milk and honey bathing (Cleopatra’s technique)

It is recommended for any skin types. It softens and tones up the skin. Honey has a soothing effect.


Milk and oil bathing

It is recommended for dry and stressed skin. It has a regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing effect.


Wine bathing

Using an oak-wood bathtub you will be immersed in water and wine (in different quantities). Wine has antioxidant properties and it tones up all skin types.


Clay bath

Very suitable for the treatment of cellulite or oily skin, for the treatment of rheumatic and osteo-articular disorders. The clay bath also has anti-bacterial, deodorant, smoothing, healing and deflating functions for the legs, especially during the “first heat”.

The clay can be added with an essential oil of your choice, depending on the effect you want to give to the bath: invigorating, energizing, relaxing, etc. Excellent remedy also for: eczema, warts, rheumatism, cysts, moles, varices, redness.

The recommended duration of wet baths is between 20-30 minutes.
At the Stregatto SPA Wellness Center it is also possible to take wet baths as a couple in a single tub
Single 35 euros
Couple 60 euros
Due to the covid emergency, the treatments may be subject to variations in time and / or development.