Wine therapy

For some years now, the effectiveness of the properties of grapes, and in particular of the polyphenols contained in the skins, has been verified against free radicals, which are among the major causes of skin aging. Starting from this concept, our ‘Bagno nel Tino’ carried out in an OAK WOOD BARREL in which it is poured, in addition to water, wine, yeasts and other active ingredients contained in the grapes, will guarantee great relaxation and purification deep skin. Staying immersed in the tub you can also – if desired – drink a glass of wine for an intoxicating and very romantic sensation…. This is obviously not a medical treatment, but its benefits have been praised by many, in the past and today. Even Caterina Sforza argued that “mallow and borage or broad bean flower wine enhances skin softening”. Wine therapy developed in the Graves region, near Bordeaux, an ancient French land of wine and taste, then spread like wildfire, involving above all the rest of France, Spain, Italy, Argentina and Brazil. A special blend of natural mineral waters, grapes, must and organic oils is prepared for the wine baths. Polyphenols, contained in the seeds, fight free radicals and have a beneficial effect on microcirculation. The antioxidants contained here have the property of canceling the action of free radicals, responsible for oxidation, and therefore for aging, of skin cells. In this way, the appearance of wrinkles, skin spots and the weakening of the skin is counteracted.
Treatment available from September to November.
single 50 €
couple 90 €

Biosauna or Sanarium

The bio sauna is a soft sauna, which is placed in an intermediate position between the Finnish sauna and the Turkish bath. The not too high temperature and the presence of a humidity level between 70 and 90% make it particularly appreciated by the female public, both for the effects on health and on the well-being of the body. Regenerating break from everyday life, during which to relax: the temperature around 40-50 ° and the high presence of steam make this type of treatment more bearable than other saunas. In addition, the body, stressed in a more delicate way, is subjected to less stress for the blood circulation.

The beneficial effects are visible from the first sessions. In fact, the bio sauna stimulates the circulatory system by alternating hot and cold baths that make the blood vessels elastic and efficient, which results in greater resistance of the body to ailments such as bronchitis and colds. It strengthens the immune system and is also suggested as a rehabilitation therapy. At the level of external beauty and well-being, the bio sauna purifies the skin which becomes luminous and smooth and also has a certain slimming effect.   It is contraindicated in the presence of certain heart diseases. However, we advise those who have had heart problems to have a doctor evaluate whether or not it is appropriate to take a sauna.

Emotional shower

Our emotional shower is an evocative, multisensory experience. The different water jets and the harmonious synchrony of colours creates different sensations. It has a calming effect and it tones up the tissues and blood vessels, it purifies the skin making it softer and more flexible.


The Chromotehrapy technique used in our emotional shower has been widely utilized in ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for centuries. In recent years its appeal has grown thanks to various research studies which have emphasized its positive influence on the nervous, immune and metabolic systems


It uses aromatic essences to ensure physical, mental and mental well-being. Essential oils are obtained by pressing or distillation of plants (or parts of the plant) including resin, bark, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits and fruit peel and are used for aromatic baths. At the Stregatto you can try the WELLNESS PATH consisting of Biosauna.


For couples, with integrated air and water massage. The wellness program includes biosauna, emotional shower, whirlpool tubs.
90 minutes, € 35 per person
Due to the covid emergency, the treatments may be subject to variations in time and / or development.